The 2012 Christmas Poem (20th annual, maybe)


T’was weeks before Christmas and all across the land

Bank profits were soaring; isn’t Life grand.

The big brass were elated, they could pay themselves huge,

While stiffing their flunkies and acting like Scrooge.

The bosses had gathered, they met earlier this year

And concocted a scheme to make jobs disappear

“Forget growing the business and planning ahead

Our bonus pool gets deeper if employees we shed”.

Reuters reported 160,000 jobs were made gone

This in banking circles is called the restructuring con.

The workers that were left, were all being told

Work harder, work smarter and low and behold

Perhaps in the future, you’ll be glad that you stayed

When it finally becomes your turn to get paid.

2012 is now ending, and the challenges are a beast

There’s Euro Debt, a fiscal Cliff and the usual, Middle East.

So grab an egg-nog or scotch, some wine or a beer

And say “Merry Christmas to all, here’s to next year”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Mike O’Neill

Michael O’Neill

Vice President, FX Trading


Categories FX, Foreign Exchange, Currency, Canadian Dollar

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