Toronto Conference

From: Michael O’Neill []
Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 8:01 AM
To: ‘Georgina Wellman’
Subject: RE: Toronto Conference

Good Morning Georgina:

Thank you for considering me. I have a pretty broad knowledge of credit and credit risk analysis from the stand point of how a bank looks at credit derived from years of obtaining credit approval for prospects to turn them into customers but I don’t think I would be the best candidate for what you are requesting.

However, if you ever come across the need for an FX consultant, I could probably help



From: Georgina Wellman [mailto:GeorginaWellman]
Sent: Thursday, April 18, 2013 5:55 AM
To: Michael O’Neill
Subject: RE: Toronto Conference

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your email I am catching up with a lot of admin!

I have been approached by a Middle Eastern Oil company who wants some training in Credit Risk Analysis – ideally from an ex banker or from someone with hands on experience in the oil sector/commodities and with a Risk Analytics background.
Would you be this person/be able to recommend who they are after?

The details I have so far are the below:

· Risks including Counterparty Risk: customers & banks.
· Use case studies from oil & gas sector.
· Securities: in the form of Parent Company Guarantees (PCGs) and Letters of Credit (LCs).
· Other methods to pass on or reduce the credit risk eg. credit insurances, payment guarantees etc.
· Documentary LCs vs Standby LCs.
· Credit Risk Strategy.
· Credit Analysis and preparation of effective credit proposals.
· Credit limit determination and monitoring of credit limits.
· Credit ratings
· Expected Default Frequency and Probability of Default.
· Continuous monitoring of counterparties methods, systems, processes.
· Early warning signals of possible default.
· Portfolio management
· Exposure profiling

I think we might have someone able to cover the guarantee/counterparty risk side of things but we would need someone to cover the credit risk analysis side.

Would you feel comfortable or would you be able to recommend someone?



Georgina Wellman Stevenson | Head of Training, Programme & Speaker Management

Follow me on twitter: @ef_georgina

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>>> "Michael O’Neill" <oneillmichaelb> 12/04/2013 13:03 >>>

Hi Georgina:

Thank you for the opportunity to attend and speak at the Toronto EuroFinance conference.

I really enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to network with senior people from a variety of industries.


Mike O’Neill

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