Annual Christmas Poem 19Dec16

‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

By Michael O’Neill (apologies to Clement C Moore)

‘Twas just a week before Christmas, when all ‘round the world

The “year is finally over’ banners were unfurled.

The forecasters were hung from the chimney without grump

For the sin of being wrong on Brexit and Trump

The democrats and Hillary were snug in their beds

While visions of failure danced in their heads

Mrs. Clinton in her kerchief did not want the rap

For losing to Trump and all of his crap

Then out on her desk there rose such a clatter

Hillary sprang from her bed to see what was the matter

Away to the PC she flew like a flash

Was someone depositing another pile of cash?

The numbers on the spreadsheet of the Clinton Foundation

Gave a luster of mid-day to an expensive vacation.

But then what to her wondering eyes did appear

But an image of Dobby the Elf with a sneer

With a smug look on his face as the picture booted-in

She knew in a moment is was Vladimir Putin

More rapid than eagles his hackers they came

Now, Demyan, now Dima, now Petya, and Balendame

On Cadmael! On Casmir!. On Dolphus and Blazoo

Hack Facebook, hack Twitter and hack the Democrat site too

And then in a twinkling she knew she had proof

She had to tell it to the world, she would cry from the roof.

As she lifted her head and was turning around

The PC starting chirping, making a really odd sound

Then she saw Putin dressed in fur to his boot

Millions of papers spilling out of his suit

And the taste of bile rose surged to her palate

The papers were marked Hillary, each paper a ballot

She knew she’d been robbed and she knew not to linger

But Putin just smiled and gave her the finger

Then he put on a hat and she got a blinding migraine

For the words on the front said “make America great Again.

The PC screen turned blue the evidence vanished from sight

And from the speakers she heard, Merry Christmas and Good night,

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