Annual Christmas Poem

T’was just days before Christmas

By Michael O’Neill (Apologies to Clement C Moore)

T’was just days before Christmas and all around the world

Not a trader was stirring, after their liquid lunch had been hurled

Bonuses were big but Christmas parties were dull fare,

For fear Harvey Weinstein types, would soon show up there.

Wall Street traders were bouncing up and down on their beds

While visions of the Dow at 25k, danced in their heads

Janet Yellen in a kerchief, packed her desk into a box.

the Fed chief was done, her legacy being a rally in stocks.

In the EU and Britain there arose such a clatter

We knew that politicians had started to natter

On TV was a smiling Juncker and May.

Apparently, the pair had something important to say.

“An accord has been reached” the politicians raved

Those in the know knew that Britain had caved.

The UK pays billions and May won’t lose sleep

Proving once and for all that talk is not cheap.

Across the pond in America, the ol’ USA

More politicians were acting like they had something to say

The TV was tuned to CNN for views

Forgetting that all we would hear was “fakenews.”

The orange haired leader with the spray-on tan

Stared out from the TV, it was Hillary’s bogeyman.

President Trump whistled and shouted and called people names

Now Ryan, now Tillerson, and Pelosi you vixen

Working with you all makes me want to get blitzen”

His eyes were quite beady, they didn’t twinkle a bit

His lips were a smirk like he didn’t give a whit

He was neither chubby or jolly, perhaps too long on the shelf

A feeling of uneased washed over myself.

He spoke a lot of words, with hyperbole galore

“the best Middle class Christmas gift ever,” is in store.

Tax cuts for everyone; the poor and the wealthy,

Thanks to an economy that’s booming and healthy.

Then with thumb and forefinger together, three fingers in air

The President said “America is great again, that I do swear”

He jumped in his limo and as he roared out of sight,

I heard him exclaim, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All the best in 2018

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